Winter Expansion “Crucible” feature list


Some people expressed an interest in a big list of the new changes, including images where possible.

Last updated 15/11/2011 with Release date, Prerequisite training time.

  • Expansion is  to be called EVE Onlne: Crucible, initially guessed based off this on the “about” page on the Singularity test client.
  • The expansion has been given a release date of November 29th here!
  • New Tier 3 BattleCruisers
    • These new Battlecruisers come with the unique ability to fit Battleship guns, but come at the cost of effective tanking and ability to deal with smaller ships. (Note: these are NOW TEXTURED on the test server)

The Talos is the new Gallente BC and kicks arse with blasters

The Talos

Note: The Talos has since gained a 25m3 Drone Bay.

The Naga is the new Caldari BC, and can field a devastating 8 Seige launchers

The Naga.

NOTE: As of the current Sisi build, the Naga has lost it’s ability to fit Torpedos, and the ship bonuses for Torps has been replace by a +5% damage to Hybrid turrets per BC level.

The Oracle is the Amarr Tier 3 BC, fielding massive laser firepower

The Oracle's model is broken on Sisi right now...

The Minmatar get the Tornado, an extremely versatile ship

The Tornado.

NOTE: The Tornado’s +10% Falloff bonus has been changed to +5%.

  •   New Nebulae
    • An overhaul of all non WH-space, these new Nebulae don’t just serve as pretty backgrounds. Their size and position is relative to your current system. You can see the “Cloud Ring” (an actual ring, as seen in images below)  from Syndicate, and the” Gallente nebulae” from Syndicate as well.

The Cloud Ring, as seen from Syndicate

The Cloud Ring, as seen from Placid

Want more Nebulae? Check out this post at Interstellar Privateer!

  • New Font
    • As announced in a dev blog here, there is a new font coming to EVE!

The new font, as seen in the options menu

  • New Fitting Window
    • Showing Turret, Missile and Drone DPS, moving some information about, loading faster and showing remaining CPU and Powergrid rather than total used, the new window is truly an improvement.

The Myrmidon showcased in the new Fitting window

  •  The Oneiros buff
    • + 200 Powergrid, increased speed, lower sig radius and a Med-slot moved to a low-slot.

The Oneiros

  • Increased “Saved Fit” limit
    • 50 was too little, so it’s been doubled to 100!

It's really needed for Sisi 😉

  • Implants on Pod killmails


  •  New Captains Quarters!
    • The new Caldari, Gallante and Amarr CQs are in this expansion!

Gallente CQ

  • Gallente and Caldari ships “V3’d”
    • The subcap ships have been re-textured, making them shinier and including Faction logos on T1 ships, and NPC Developer logos on T2 hulls!

The new Hookbill sports a Digital Camo

The V3'd Catalyst. Note the small logo on the top.

I have some images of the new “V3” hulls here. If you would like to see a particular hull, leave a comment saying so. It is currently unknown if the Amarr and Minmatar hulls will recieve a similar treatment in the first build of Crucible.

  • UI Scaling
    • See this dev blog for details and images
  • New Tech 2 modules
    • Siege, Triage, Bomb Launchers, Scan Probe Launchers, Warfare Links, Drone Links and more receive new T2 variants!
      • Gang links (+10% cpu, +5% grid need, 25% more boost)
      • MAPC (12 grid, less cpu use (18) than meta 4)
      • Probe launchers (+5% bonus for ~10% more cpu)
      • Siege modules (+10% cpu, +5% grid but 840% damage mod and max 3 locked targets)
      • Triage modules (more locked targets, more targeting range and more scan res)
      • Warp disruption field generator (more range, 19.2km base – meaning 24km with HIC V or 36km with a focused script)
      • Remote hull reps (whatever)
      • Drone Link Augmenter (20% more range)
      • Drone nav computer (30% instead of 25%)
      • Omnidirectional Tracking Link (25% instead of 20%)
      • Bomb launchers (15% faster reload)
      • Tractor beams (20% more range, 20% faster speed boo yah)

T2 Warfare Links

T2 Siege

  • Destroyer Buff
    • Removal of the Rate of Fire penalty
    • Increase Armour, Shield
    • Decreased Sig Radius
    • Increased Capacitor
  • Hybrid Buff
    • Decreased power need for all hybrid turrets
    • Reduced CPU need for all hybrid turrets except 75mm Railguns
    • -30% Capacitor usage for all hybrid turrets.
    • Blasters gain +20% tracking
    • Blasters gain +5% damage
    • Railguns gain +10% damage
    • Railgun tracking +5%
    • Hybrid reload time changed to 5 seconds
    • Hybrid ammo size reduced by 50% (gun capacity changed to compensate)
  • Supercapital Nerf:
  • Player owned customs officers
    • Current customs offices in lowsec, nulsec and WH space will be pulled down
    • New customs offices can be used by corps to tax people using it
    • Access can be limited via standings
    • Customs offices can be reinforced and destroyed
    • Dev blog.
  • New Starbase Fuel “Pellets”
    • Intended to simplify starbase fuelling
    • Dev blog
    • NOTE: Possible changes mentioned here.
  • Loot All button

  • Corp Bookmarks

  • Click and Drag in hangers

Like this!

  • Clicking on someones portait again allows you to view their whole avatar.

Like so

  • New Doomsday Animations
    • I’ve only seen the Erebus’, but was unable to screencap it.
  • New Cyno Effect!

  • New Autopilot UI and System Display

  • Missed shots now really miss!

Lightshows just got more fun.

  • There is no longer an Insurance payout in the event of being killed by CONCORD.
  • Old Turret Icons

  • Most Gallente and some Caldari ships are getting a Speed/Agility Buff
    • This is part of the Hybrid buff
    • Dev blog with stats here
  • Changes to Autopilot and the Jump command
    • Autopilot can now take you to a station
    • Pressing jump approaches or warps to a gate, then jumps when in range

Ze jump command at 29.7 AU.

  • NEW: Stargates now point towards their actual destination.
    • The positions appear to match those in the Star Map
    • Live on Singularity.
  • Time dilation
    • Slows down time in high lag battles
    • Dev blog
  • New EWAR Drones
    • No Details
  • Assault Frigate 4th bonus
    • Delayed till after the initial expansion. Source.
  • Increase Anomaly value in Nulsec
    • No Details
  • Engine trails to return
    • Now on Singularity!
  • NEW: Corp/Alliance/Fleet chat tabs get the ability to set a Message Of The Day
  • NEW: New Warp Tunnel
    • Now on Sisi!
  • NEW: The “Prerequisites” tab of items and ships now displays a training ETA to be able to use the item/ship.
  • A counter for ship spinning
    • Wait what?


  • New Raven Model
    • From here.
    • Live on Sisi.
  •  The map screen is a lot smoother to navigate.
  • You can drag ship fittings to the market window to add the fits to the quickbar, allowing easy purchasing of mods!

  • You can see a ships insurance by clicking “show info”
    • Note: This currently applies to other pilots ships on Sisi as well.

That’s all I have notes on right now.

Did I miss anything? Is there a change you’d like to see screencap’d? Let me know!

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  1. I still like the old jump effect better, but everything else looks just wonderful.

  2. How recent are the pics of the ship fitting windows? Were they recently taken, and were they taken isolated from your skills?

  3. so when are they going to fix the way the rorqual transforms. the front end on mine goes straight down and the rear of my ship goes straight up. it still doesnt look right

  4. The Destroyers also received a small speed buff, afaic.

  5. Thanks for writing up the summary – I know at least one player who will be out-of-game for another couple of months, but is eager to learn anything new about the game.


  7. A truly excellent “Unofficial” dev blog!

  8. I’ve done something smilar to days earlier. It’s a very good idea to have it all in ne place. I can’t wait for the Crucible to go live 🙂

  9. Holy shit! This post makes me wanna return to eve right away!

  10. Great Post – some stuff in there I hadn’t heard about yet.

  11. New “Are you sure you want to quit?” screen. – It’s not new.

  12. Oracle bonus is *more* capacitor use per level of Battlecruiser skill? Really?

  13. Warp and dock with the dock button isn’t new, just the warp and jump via jump button afaik.

  14. How do you make the ship spinning counter appear??!? I would complete my sad and lonely life 🙂

  15. Captain Hurrdurr


  16. Assault Frigate buff got benched as per : Faction Warfare also seems to have been conveniently shoved under a rug…again. Honestly the only two things from the winter expansion I cared about. FNG is a sad panda.

  17. Holy crap, I knew we were getting a lot of features but your list just totally put it into perspective. Best winter ever, c/c?

  18. Silence ikillyouu

    Epic list.
    Fuk walking in stations and that gay planet game they were doing.

  19. Awesome blog post! EVE Online: Crucible looks epic. Seriously, WOW.

  20. From the list:
    “There is no longer an Insurance payout in the event of being killed by CONCORD.”

    Citation, please? I can’t imagine that I could’ve possibly missed the epic shitstorm that would follow this being officially announced, so if there’s anything official stating that this is the case, I’d really like to see it.

  21. Great stuff. to think you were just starting out when i was blogging last.

  22. Crazy!!! Finally doctors changed what meds EVE devs take….

    A new font!
    Scalable ui!

    Now it is possible for me to play EVE again! Everything was so small, tiny and unreadable @ 2560×1600 so I couldn’t play the game.

  23. I want to sex the new warp effect of planet penetration…

  24. I think you should add the change to the Jita monument as well. 😀

      • “This was once a memorial to the winners of a riddle contest sponsored by late entrepreneur Ruevo Aram. After standing proud for half a decade, it was destroyed in late YC113 by capsuleers who were staging a mass uprising against an intolerable status quo of intergalactic affairs. Today, the ruins of this once-great work of art stand as a testament to the fact that change is the universe’s only constant.”

  25. Seemingly combat boosters are changing to no penaltys and change of what the skills provide.
    nanite control to duration and neurotoxin recovery to strength +5% per level

  26. Made a video of the new warp for those curious. Use/share wherever.

  27. So FREAK’n excited!


    “Oh and one more thing, we have increased the bandwidth on all planetary links by a factor of five! Get those materials flowing!”

  29. Official patch notes have them at: “We have boosted the bandwidth of links to be 10 times bigger to deal with the hassle of constantly upgrading them.”

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