Veto London Meet – Booze and spaceship nerds

Last weekend saw my first entrance into a real-life EVE event – the EVE Veto London meet, to be precise.

I wasn’t entirely sure who was going – I knew a few old mates from RvB were showing, as well as Azual Skoll, Kaeda Maxwell and Seismic Stan – all names I actually recognized. The rest remained a mystery. I took the train all the way down from Newcastle, arriving into London at about 1pm. I then proceeded to get completely lost, causing taunting texts from Mangala and Calistai whilst Siuil actually sent me directions.

Calistai is not a subtle man IRL.

It was fortunate I did, since I eventually managed to find the bar where us spaceship nerds were supposed to meet. A good 40+ were already here, but fortunately  I ran straight into Siuil, followed shortly by Mangala and Calistai, who promptly called me “about 12”.  Gits.

A wave of RvB’ers arrived, including Combat Mink and a bunch of random EVE guys and about this point it all ran together, so here’s my highlights:

  • Siuil managing to fall over, into a table.
  • Chatting with a couple of guys from the Black Rebel Rifter Club – they even brought along a replacement for Kaeda, since Kaeda was ill and couldn’t show

Myself and the two guys from RIFTA

  • Arguing with DJWiggles over local changes (he didn’t get the joke when I yelled “fix local” at CCP Unifex, apparently…
  • Giving (bad) advice to to Cheradenine of Diaries of a Space Noob alongside Azual of EVE Altruist. He had a shirt with his blog on it.

  • The Magician Guy who won a beer off CCP Soundwave via card-tricks.
  • The CCP Devs announcing the name of the new expansion; EVE Online Retribution, including the new Bounty System!
  • The Goonswarm member who said “matematemate” to be at the bar.
  • Cali showing his oddly placed tattoo to everyone in the pub.
  • I only met Seismic Stan briefly, and Penny (of TigerEars) showed to the meet but never actually met me!

Want pictures? Of course you do.

Mangala’s Pictures.

Penelope Star’s pictures.

Penelope Star, Combat Mink, Azual Skoll, Calistai Huranu

Mangala Solaris, CCP Unifex, Combat Mink

Soundwave getting magick’d

Cali doing… something


10/10 would go to a spaceship meet again. I think I ended up back in my hotel room at 2am.

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  1. I wasn’t there though, couldn’t make it 😥

  2. I think all us RvBers enjoyed the night in true RvB style 😛 It was kinda like ganked but in person with more alcohol!

  3. I was planning to stay longer, but on the train in to London I got an unexpected invitation to a gig. So we hit the cinema straight away to see Looper (which is incredible, by the way), then went to the meet, and stayed for a little under two hours until we headed to Hoxton Sq for the gig. I had a surprisingly social day.

    I did try looking for you, but didn’t realise you looked like a young Sam Rockwell. Maybe when he was 12.

  4. GAH!!!
    I wish I had been there… but trips were so bloody expensive… 😦
    damn it!


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